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hygiene(also: health care, healthcare, sanitation, sanitisation) die Gesundheitspflege noun. Learn more in the Cambridge English-German Dictionary. Learn the translation for ‘hygiene’ in LEO’s English ⇔ German dictionary. Sie bekommen Seife, Hygiene, Bildung, Impfungen und Penizillin. Looking at the hygiene and grooming practices of people living over half a millennium ago is a perfect distraction from your own miserable failures and existential quandaries, and everyone you’re making fun of is too far gone to care or defend themselves, so really, it’s a perfect setup. Translations of the phrase THE HYGIENE from english to german and examples of the use of "THE HYGIENE" in a sentence with their translations: Take care of the hygiene in the stable. Categories: Health and Healthcare If you want to know how to say hygiene in German, you will find the translation here. The food hygiene experts went to the diner after giving it five stars during their routine inspections. Hygiene ist wichtig für die Vorbeugung von Krankheiten. All Years Everything you need to know about life in a foreign country. Hygiene definition: Hygiene is the practice of keeping yourself and your surroundings clean, especially in... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples On the one hand many Germans were seeking more natural products – free from potentially harmful additives, chemicals and possible irritants. This survey shows that basic cleanliness and hygiene issues are being ignored by hotel staff. Many German physicians and scientists who had supported racial hygiene ideas before 1933 embraced the new regime’s emphasis on biology and heredity, the new career opportunities, and the additional funding for research. [Article in German] Rotter M(1). Most of these hygiene courses are 10-weekend seminars over the course of a year, and upon completion, students are deemed, dental hygienists. It has become complicated in the last years since every German state seems to offer a “hygiene course,” however they are not recognized, standardized, or accredited internationally. ...people who take time and care over personal hygiene. Thank you! The German Hygiene Museum (German: Deutsches Hygiene-Museum) is a medical museum in Dresden, Germany. All our dictionaries are bidirectional, meaning that you can look up words in both languages at the same time. German: Hygiene; Italian: condizioni sanitarie; Japanese: 公衆衛生; Korean: 위생 시설; European Portuguese: saneamento; Latin American Spanish: servicios sanitarios Fancy a game? Learning German: Apologizing and attracting someone’s attention. Infection with head lice is no reflection on personal hygiene. All rights reserved. dental hygiene translation in English-German dictionary. Many people equate hygiene with 'cleanliness,' but hygiene is a broad term. Of the various trends driving tissue and hygiene in Germany, one theme was prevalent and influential across most products in 2019 – the balancing act of health and environmental impact. Hygiene in German Die Hygiene ist nach einer Definition der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Hygiene und Mikrobiologie die „Lehre von der Verhütung der Krankheiten … Here are many translated example sentences containing "RACIAL HYGIENE" - english-german translations and search engine for english translations. English-German online dictionary developed to help you share your knowledge with others. hygiene definition: 1. the degree to which people keep themselves or their environment clean, especially to prevent…. TEES-daag Croatian Italian French Swedish German Dutch Czech Spanish Danish Latin Finnish Norwegian Russian Indonesian sanitation, sanitariness. Definitions.net. hygiene translation in English-German dictionary. Here's a list of translations. The key to good hygiene is washing your hands before touching food. There is no evidence that poor facial hygiene plays a part. Learn the translation for ‘personal hygiene’ in LEO’s English ⇔ German dictionary.
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