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Doris Hardy, child who lived on Hill Top Rd. Magnus Bane & Isabelle Lightwood (16) Magnus Bane & Catarina Loss (15) Include Additional Tags Magnus Bane/Alec Lightwood Fluff (695) Fluff (313) Happy Magnus Bane/Alec Lightwood (229) Domestic Magnus Bane/Alec Lightwood (216) Alec Lightwood Deserves Nice Things (154) Magnus Bane Deserves Nice Things (132) This page was last edited on 15 January 2021, at 09:24. At least from the main characters it is still the world of TMA; Protective Peter Lucas; in his own way; ... Major Character Death (615) Rape/Non-Con (421) Underage (43) Include Categories M/M (7233) Gen ... (The Magnus Archives) (553) Canon-Typical Violence (515) Alternate Universe (509) Other tags to exclude More Options Character Designs for "The Magnus Archives", a horror fiction podcast published by Rusty Quill. After a few samples, you will be able to note the interests of the tropers recommending them, and judge whether you might be also interested in a certain fic. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings; Tim Stoker (The Magnus Archives)/Original Female Character(s) Tim Stoker (The Magnus Archives) Sasha James [1] In 2018, BBC Sounds listed the show as one of the largest British dramatic podcasts, with an extensive fanbase on Tumblr having driven much of its success. His snarky tone stays consistent but he accepts things as he progresse… The Magnus Archives - 1989 Characters. Skip to main content. “Make your statement, face your fear.” A weekly horror fiction podcast examining what lurks in the archives of the Magnus Institute, an organisation dedicated to researching the esoteric and the weird. Subreddit Events. Yasir Kundi, owner of the building Carlos Vittery lived in. The podcast is structured as a series of statements recorded or written and then recorded for internal research use within the Magnus Institute. Robert Smirke, final designer of Millbank Prison. Make quizzes, send them viral. Wolfgang, acquaintance of Albrecht von Closen. For the first few episodes you aren’t aware there are characters. Harriet Fairchild. Sims narrates the podcast in-character as the main character, Jonathan Sims, the newly-appointed head archivist of the fictional Magnus Institute—an institution based in London centered on research into the paranormal. This is a a list of asexual characters in fiction, i.e. No Archive Warnings Apply (6) Graphic Depictions Of Violence (2) Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (1) Rape/Non-Con (1) Include Categories M/M (6) Gen (2) Include Fandoms The Magnus Archives (Podcast) (9) Include Characters Jonathan "Jon" Sims | The Archivist (9) Martin Blackwood (6) Basira Hussain (3) Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Lombardi, potential buyers of the St. Albans Ave house, James Wright, previous Head of the Magnus Institute, Marianne Kempthorne, wife of Sampson Kempthorne, Henry Roberts, architect that trained under Robert Smirke, Dave Harrington, prison guard at Wakefield Prison, Sergeant Walter Heller, statement giver in, Daniel Rawlings, owner of the Trophy Room, Laura Star, neighbour who called Jordan Kennedy, Sylvia Macdonald, first vampire Trevor killed, "Stanley Kubrick", friend of Trevor's at the homeless shelter, Conrad Lukas, head of the isolation project on the Daedalus, Nathaniel Lukas, invest in the Daedalus project, Benjamin Carlisle, husband of statement giver. unfortunately, they are all emo. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Dick Barrowdale, child who lived on Hill Top Rd. Full Episode Discussions Archive. The eponymous Jonathan Sims is installed as the new Head Archivist of the Magnus Institute's Archives, his predecessor Gertrude Robinson seemingly presumed dead. William Gordon, deceased funeral director. fictional characters that either self-identify as asexual or have been identified by outside parties to be asexual. D&D Beyond They speak with exaggerated Cockney accents and are often seen wearing featureless uniforms. Gerard Keay, young goth-looking man who steals a book. Every word keeps the listener on their toes and that feeling of dread lingers behind even after the end of each episode. When the Web Table is delivered to the Magnus Archives, several characters bring up the possibility of destroying it while Jon disagrees with the idea of destroying knowledge. Share Pin Tweet Share. If you send a different unit to meet with Debonair before Magnus, he will not join you. Matthew Wilkinson, Kieran Woodward's co-worker. Which character from "The Magnus Archives" are you? While this Phase of The Magnus Archives can still unite us as fans and listeners, the characters of the show are driven further and further apart by Jon’s advancing paranoia. Michael MacAulay, friend of Nathan Watts. The main character is just roaming around with a tape recorder. [17] John also begins to explore the tunnels beneath the Archives, convinced that someone is down there. Greg Montgomery, child who lived on Hill Top Rd. David Atayah, Kieran Woodward's co-worker. The short answer would be that The Magnus Archives is simply an excellent series with solid writing, great world building, and compelling characters, not limited to a brilliant take on the narrator, but to leave it at that would be doing its impact a disservice.. Alfred Bartlett, coworker of Harold Silvana. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Sonnenstrahl - Chapter 1 - Lunan95 - The Magnus Archives (Podcast) [Archive of Our Own] Main Content The body of Gertrude Robinson, the former Archive Head, is also found in one of the tunnels beneath the Institute, three bullet wounds in her chest.[15]. Character guide for keeping track of names; So what exactly is The Magnus Archives? Guy Wardman, Kieran Woodward's co-worker. D&D Beyond Hannah Ramirez, previous director of Ivy Meadows Care Home. Mikaele Salesa, antiques dealer, fence mentioned in episode 14. Assign a male researcher to him. Dr. Rashid Sadana, taught the Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology for Complementary Therapies course at St Mary’s University. ‎Make your statement, face your fear. First off, the podcast is among the more consistent productions available on the market. The series starts off strong in MAG 01 with an Alluring Anglerfish that appears to be using the bodies of former … Christopher Lorne, member of the Peoples’ Church of the Divine Host and murder victim. Podcast Resources. Jonathan Sims, Head Archivist at the Magnus Institute. Bertrand Miller, resident at Ivy Meadows Care Home. The podcast is initially presented as a horror anthology but slowly reveals a more complex metaplot over the course of 5 seasons. The central conceit is that our protagonist is an archivist and each episode he makes an audio recording of a written statement that … Skip to main content. Season 1 of the Magnus Archives ran from March 24, 2016 to October 13, 2016. Mentioned in episode 8 under a different name. William Miller, leader of the Millerite movement, Monsieur Pinard, acquaintance of Bernadette Delcour, Maxwell Rayner, leader of the Cult of the Lightless Flame, Neil Lagorio, famous special effects artist, Annabelle Cane, subject of ESP experiment in, Elias Bouchard, current head of the Magnus Insitiute, Mary Keay, owner of Pinhole Books and statement giver in, Mordechai Lukas, acquaintance of Jonah Magnus and Robert Smirke, George Gilbert Scott, prolific architect in the 19th century, Agnes Montague, woman Jack Barnabas shortly dated and mysterious child from, Maxwell Rayner, leader of The People’s Church of the Divine Host, Edmund Halley, astronomer, called Reimer by Flamsteed, Abraham Sharp, receives letter from Flamsteed, Nicolaus Reimer, 16th century astronomer, supposedly plagiarised Tycho Brahe’s work, Miss Peterson, Basira's year eight PE teacher, Mikaele Salesa, dealer of strange antiques/objects from, Abby, one of the work crew at one of her old jobs, Grant or Gareth or Gary or Gavin, Jess' date, Natalie Ennis, Katherine Harper’s roommate in, Fielding, previous owner of Hill Top Road, Fernanda Mikado, co-worker of Judith O’Neill, Georgie Barker, host of the podcast "What the Ghost? After taking a live statement from a woman named Helen Richardson, a real estate agent who claimed to be terrorized by a supernatural being, John finds himself confronted by the supernatural being in question, Michael. Kayleigh Grice, doctor at St Thomas Hospital. Podcast Resources. Bethany O’Connor, possessed student that Father Burroughs attempts to exorcise. Angus Cartwright, colleague of Christopher Meyer, Dr. Margaret Tellison, owner of GP office, Erin Gallagher-Nelson, statement giver in, Sergey Ushanka, programmer who supposedly uploaded his brain, John Ruskin, author of "The Seven Lamps of Architecture", Deliah Aconjo, Jack's coworker at Canyon Cafe, Arthur Nolan, Jane Prentiss' landlord, mentioned in, Gus/Al, runs the dump visited by Joseph, sold him the book, Joseph Merrick, the Elephant Man and friend of Sir Frederick Treeves, Jeffrey Amherst, the baronet who gave smallpox blankets to Native Americans, Dr. Elizabeth Bates, psychology professor at the University of Surrey, Nicholas Lekman, man who disappeared on "the night tube", Han Yong/John Haan, owner of "Waltham Express Grill", Callum Brodie, child kidnapped by Maxwell Rayner, Natalie Ennis, killed Leo Altman, Kathy's roommate in, Vanessa, waitress at "Nighthawks at the Diner", Jim Hancock, the Walker brothers' neighbour, Toni, Melanie's friend and member of "Ghost Hunt UK", Pete, Melanie's friend and member of "Ghost Hunt UK", Andy, Melanie's friend and member of "Ghost Hunt UK", Neil Angus, vicar at the Church of St. Peter's, Desmond Lorell, first told Leitner about the books, Thomas/Daniel/Michael, John's childhood bully, Calvin Benchley, Daisy's childhood best friend and first murder, Gordan Goodman, Adrian's childhood friend, Margaret "Maggie" Carnegie, local hoarder, Davey Morgan, Adrian's elementary classmate, Megan, woman who called Sebastian, previously in, Sonja, runs Artefact Storage at the Magnus Institute, Nicholas Tregenza, colleague and victim of Jude Perry, Alex Brooke, Georgie's friend and medical student at Corpus Christi, Thomas "Tommy" Krycek, Jackson's roommate, John Franklin, explorer and captain of the, John Heyrick Macaulay, headmaster at Repton School, George Denman, Algernon's childhood friend, Michael Shelley, former archival assistant, "John Smith", statement giver in episode 100, Robin "Rob" Lennox, statement giver in episode 100, Brian Finlinson, statement giver in episode 100, Hannah, librarian at the Magnus Institute, Angus Dale, member of the Carley Brother's circus, Abigail "Abby" Ellison, Tim and Danny's friend, Zhang Xiaoling, librarian at the Pu Songling Research Center, Second Lieutenant Charles Fleming, statement giver in, Carter Chilcott, experiment subject on the Daedalus, statement giver in, Officer Mustermann, alleged police officer, Natalie Ennis, follower of the Dark, previously in, The Lukas family, rich family connected to, Jonah Magnus, founder of the Magnus Institute, Robert Smirke, 19th century architect, frequently mentioned, Max Mustermann, connected to medical students from, Lizzie Borden, famous suspected murderer from the 19th century, Tillie Klimek, early 20th century serial killer, Elias Bouchard, head of the Magnus Institute, Gerard Keay, goth-looking man, frequently mentioned, George Icarus, name on grave that got robbed, Jurgen Leitner, Norwegian collector of paranormal books, Wolfgang von Kempelen, creator of the Mechanical Turk, François-André Danican Philidor, 18th century chess master, Lanthorn, acquaintance of Abraham Janssen, Empress Maria Theresa, 18th century Habsburg empress, Maxwell Rayner, leader of The People's Church of the Divine Host, Daniel Rawlings, previous owner of the trophy room, Joseph Grimaldi, famous actor and comedian from the late 18th century, Gregor Orsinov, ringmaster of the Circus of the Other, Henderson, chief inspector at the Metropolitan police, Dr. Thomas Pritchard, chemist and motorcyclist, Georgie Barker, host of the “What The Ghost?” podcast, Sergeant Terrence Simpson, statement giver in, Jenny, organiser of local community centre, Mary Randall, fellow participant in sculpting class, Bill, fellow participant in sculpting class, Adelard Dekker, acquaintance and occasional co-worker of Gertrude Robinson, Dr. Jonathan Fanshawe, statement giver in, João da Silva Guimarães, wrote an account of the lost city of Z in 1753, Eduard von Toll, famed polar explorer who went missing when searching for Sannikov Land, Bernadette Delcour, works at the Faculté de Théologie, in the University of Lyon. They must come to grips with their horrifying new reality. From the official website of the Magnus Archives, Join Jonathan Sims, newly appointed head archivist of the Magnus Institute, as he attempts to bring a seemingly neglected collection of supernatural statements up to date by converting them to audio and supplementing them with follow-up work from his small but dedicated archival team. He then explains his understanding of the entities behind the books (and creatures such as "Michael" and the "NotThem"): that they are manifestations of vast, powerful entities based on primal fears that exist just outside of human perception. As said before, one's values are all who they are. Toby McMullen, assaulted and badly hurt by Paul Noriega. Nikolai Denikin, organist for the Circus of the Other, grandfather of Leanne Denikin in. Katherine “Kathy” Harper, Mark Bilham's girlfriend. 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Newall, 2019 AudioVerse Awards – Performance of a Leading Role in an Audio Play Production – Jonathan Sims as Jonathan Sims, 2019 AudioVerse Awards – Performance of a Supporting Role in an Audio Play Production – Alexander J Newall as Martin Blackwood, 2019 AudioVerse Awards – Audio Play Production. The Archivist awakes in the aftermath of the Unknowing to find a changed team. He is described as ‘prematurely greying’ and ‘looking older than he is’ in “A Guest for Mr. Spider”, and he has many scars incurred from the hazards of his job. Erika Mustermann, unsettling student taking the Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology class. The man that built the archives was named Magnus. He will join only if Aisha and Saradin have been recruited into your army and you have a Chaos Frame higher than 34. D&D Beyond This is a comprehensive list of every appearance by a named character. The Magnus Archives - 1989 Characters. D&D Beyond John is a now a wanted man, a person of interest not only as a suspect in the murder of his predecessor, but also in the murder of Jurgen Leitner (although the police cannot actually identify him). With Jonathan Sims, 237 episodes, 158 ratings & reviews. He judges people by whether they have power or not … The newly hired Melanie is acting increasingly erratic, and it is beginning to dawn on the whole team that they are all far too involved with the Archives to leave now, if they ever or even could. Which of the 15 Magnus Archives entities do you serve? Unnamed burn victim, later revealed to be. Toby Carlisle, Rudenko's upstairs neighbour who hammered bits of meat to every surface of his apartment. James Mann, murdered student, had his face partially eaten by Father Burroughs. Joseph Puce, farmer who finds an unopened parachute in his fields. The Magnus Archives has heavy sound editing, which makes the episodes feel as if they've been recorded to old cassette tapes, including some grain to bring the soundscape to life.This fits the atmosphere well, though can sometimes make the podcast a little too quiet. Contact John is eventually saved by the mysterious old man who'd been in and out of the tunnels: Jurgen Leitner, the previous owner of the library of paranormal books in various statements.[22]. This page is not spoiler-marked, per wiki policy.
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